Baby-led attachment helps breastfeeding

Babies are SMART! If you give them the right situation to unleash their natural breastfeeding instincts, they can do so well.

I was lucky enough to photograph this adorable two week old baby, lying down on his mummy’s chest.  Even while dressed, he was able to search out the breast, move his head by bobbing and lifting to get over to the nipple and self attach for a breastfeed.  To get these baby cues even more released, try doing this skin to skin, with baby in just a nappy and you with a bare chest and tummy.

By letting a baby attach, and not forcing them to latch, they will often have their head extended, which gets a nice wide mouth happening (try doing opening your own mouth when your chin is tucked down into your chest, it’s much harder to get a wide mouth than with your head extended).

If your baby is having trouble attaching to the breast, you’re feeling stressed, take some time to hang out together in this position…you might be surprised at what happens next. For more personalised support with breastfeeding, give me a call and schedule a consult. I cover suburbs with home visits in the Brisbane South region such as Moorooka, Mount Gravatt, Tarragindi, Annerley and Greenslopes, plus many more!

Click on the photo to get a really good look at how amazing babies are.

I love my job!  Naomi x

This two week old baby shows that he knows what to do by instinct. He finds the breast and latches on with just mum’s arms supporting him. Click on the link to enlarge photo. Photo credit:Naomi Drew/Aspire Lactation. Copyright 2014. Not for reproduction.