Small changes

After several years with no changes to prices at Aspire Lactation, I have needed to increase my fees slightly due to rising costs of supplies, fuel and banking.  All active clients (seen within the last three weeks) will still have old pricing with regards to follow-up appointments.

Fees will now be:

Initial Home Visit: $185 ($200 for twins)

Follow-up Home visit: $100 ($120 for twins)

Antenatal home visit: $120

Package (antenatal, initial and followup): $340 ($365 for twins)

Initial Office visit $170 ($185 for twins)

Follow-up Office: $90 (Twins $110)

Antenatal Office: $110

For more information on what is included in your fee, please visit the drop down menu under Services and click on the link you are interested in.

Office Consults

Office consults are another way for families to see me, and for those who live further away than where I travel to.  Because of space, siblings will not be able to attend this visit, however you are welcome to bring your support person (e.g. partner) with you to the appointment.

Initial visit: $170 (Twins $185)

Follow-up: $90 (Twins $110)

Antenatal: $110

We’re coming back, baby!

So our last baby has turned one, it’s time to dust off my bag of tricks and get back out to see mums and babies again.

There will be a few tweaks to the practice while I get used to working and running after TWO school kids and a toddler. How on earth did that happen so fast?!

For now, I will do close to Tarragindi local visits so I minimise travel time away from the family.  Secondly, we are working on renovating an office at home so I can see more mums who live further away.  You can still come to see me in your PJs, I promise I won’t judge!

For now, prices will remain the same as in 2015, but I may review this later in the year.  Office visits will be cheaper when they are up and running.

Thank you for your patience while I had time off with Pippa. It was longer than I thought, but I had some challenges with Pippa being quite a complex baby with multiple food allergies – happy to say we are still breastfeeding :)

Best wishes


Naomi Drew IBCLC

Naomi Drew IBCLC Aspire Lactation


Naomi Drew IBCLC Aspire Lactation


Maternity leave

To all my valued clients

I will be on maternity leave commencing December 2015. At this stage I do not have a concrete return date to private practice lactation consulting but I will let you know when in 2016 I am back and open for business.  I am hoping to start with office consults at my home in Tarragindi while I transition back to work with a baby.  Watch this space!

Any past clients are still welcome to contact me via text or email if they are seeking some further IBCLC input and I have several IBCLC colleagues in Brisbane I can refer you on to.

Best wishes to you all, and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and New Year with your families.

Kind regards






IBCLCs are ethical

Recently, I read a mother said she was told by a medical professional that “lactation consultants” refer tongue tied babies to dentists/doctors to get commissions. I was shocked. Horrified.

This couldn’t be further from the truth.  

An IBCLC is ethically bound to uphold the values of a profession that has been around for over 30 years. Our code stipulates that we: “…avoid conflicts of interest…[and]….(e)nsure that commercial considerations do not influence professional judgment.”  For more information, please see IBLCE’s website (our registering body). If we were to benefit from referrals, this would be in conflict with our code.

As an IBCLC, I work with or use the input and wisdom of a range of health professionals – from Doctors, Dentists, Speech pathologists, Physiotherapists, Occupational therapists, possibly more I have forgotten. Sometimes when I visit you and your baby, other issues are noted that are out of the scope of practice of an IBCLC (or also in my case as a registered nurse). This is where getting the opinion and/or treatment from those I refer to, will ensure you and your baby get the best of care.  

When you see an IBCLC, you are seeing someone who is accountable and has guidelines on what we can and cannot do (and we have awesome standards to keep our education up to date too!). If you are considering seeing someone who was a “lapsed” IBCLC or is just calling themselves a “LC”, how do you know they will maintain the ethical standards that guide their practice? Who are they accountable to if they are not registered with anyone for lactation care?

You can always ask to see the IBCLC’s registration number and check they are still registered here

Feel free to check I’m on the registry :)

What happens in our lactation consult?

So you have booked a lactation consult with Aspire Lactation. What happens next?  If you’ve never seen a lactation consultant before, or had a home visit from a lactation consultant, here are some things that will happen during my visit to your family. I try to be flexible and not everything happens in a particular order, and not everything happens on each visit!

  • We’ll work out a time that suits you and your baby for me to visit. If mums are close by to Tarragindi I can be a little more flexible with start time but this will depend if I have other clients to see. We can talk about this!
  • Visits are usually 1.5 hours but sometimes go longer for more complex issues.
  • Aim to have the baby needing a feed sometimes during a visit – we don’t have to time this for when I first arrive as we can go through some paperwork first.  Please don’t hold your baby off if she or he is crying and starving – offer a small feed to keep them comfortable, most babies will go back  for more when I arrive.
  • With your permission, your baby may be weighed and measured, and will have general assessment from head to toe.  I find it useful to do a suck assessment with my gloved finger to feel your baby’s palate, as well as checking for restrictions that occur with tongue or lip ties.  If I have a suspicion of tongue or lip tie, we’ll talk about the providers who can diagnose and release these ties.
  • A breast examination (helpful in cases of nipple damage, mastitis, plugged ducts, insufficient glandular tissue).
  • A breast feed – or two if I’m there for a long time!
  • We will talk about your baby’s birth, plus your medical and surgical history.
  • We’ll work out a plan to suit you and your baby and talk/email afterwards to see how it is working for you.

Some families need follow up lactation help,  this is discounted as I am familiar with you and your baby.

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