What happens in our lactation consult?

So you have booked a lactation consult with Aspire Lactation. What happens next?  If you’ve never seen a lactation consultant before, or had a home visit from a lactation consultant, here are some things that will happen during my visit to your family. I try to be flexible and not everything happens in a particular order, and not everything happens on each visit!

  • We’ll work out a time that suits you and your baby for me to visit. If mums are close by to Tarragindi I can be a little more flexible with start time but this will depend if I have other clients to see. We can talk about this!
  • Visits are usually 1.5 hours but sometimes go longer for more complex issues.
  • Aim to have the baby needing a feed sometimes during a visit – we don’t have to time this for when I first arrive as we can go through some paperwork first.  Please don’t hold your baby off if she or he is crying and starving – offer a small feed to keep them comfortable, most babies will go back  for more when I arrive.
  • With your permission, your baby may be weighed and measured, and will have general assessment from head to toe.  I find it useful to do a suck assessment with my gloved finger to feel your baby’s palate, as well as checking for restrictions that occur with tongue or lip ties.  If I have a suspicion of tongue or lip tie, we’ll talk about the providers who can diagnose and release these ties.
  • A breast examination (helpful in cases of nipple damage, mastitis, plugged ducts, insufficient glandular tissue).
  • A breast feed – or two if I’m there for a long time!
  • We will talk about your baby’s birth, plus your medical and surgical history.
  • We’ll work out a plan to suit you and your baby and talk/email afterwards to see how it is working for you.

Some families need follow up lactation help,  this is discounted as I am familiar with you and your baby.

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